New Routines for a New Year

            This will be my first of many blogs in which I discuss the different lessons learned through my diverse experiences as a young CEO of Dallas-based healthcare startup, BioLum Sciences. Although this has likely been written about several times over the past few weeks, I want to share my thoughts on the New Year and the reflection it brings about.

            As most people tend to do at the beginning of each year, I first reflected upon last years’ goals that I set for myself. Sure enough, I had accomplished most of them, but there were a few that had slipped through the cracks throughout the course of the busy year. I wondered what change I could bring about in 2017 that would ensure a greater success rate. After reading some trending new articles on the topic and discussing the matter with other highly motivated people, I realize that there is not enough focus placed on the individual and their day-to-day routine.

            I’m someone who is always looking to improve upon my common daily lifestyle routines such as intense exercise, healthy dieting, consistent sleep scheduling, and even regular flossing every time I brush my teeth. These common daily activities tend to be habits that you wouldn’t really think about including in a New Years Resolutions List.

            With this being said, I think applying these same principles of ‘daily routines’ to your work life will have a powerful effect. For example, making a daily to do list before you go to bed that identifies three things you want to accomplish in the next day. Or another, performing some form of meditation in the middle of your workday. These are just a couple simple, personal examples to help you start thinking of your own.

            I would highly suggest to develop a “daily work routine” list to help guide you through your job this year and improve your overall performance. This year, I aim to establish a set of simple guidelines and daily routines similar to these, which ensure each goal I set out for my company, BioLum, will be completed. As I continue to blog throughout the year, I will touch upon this aim and how it has helped my company grow.