Edward Allegra - CEO

Edward suffered with asthma as a child and has made it his mission to provide a painless and inexpensive solution for diagnosis, management, and monitoring of this disease that afflicts so many people around the world. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a background in Economics and Biology. Edward's diverse educational background provides him with an excellent understanding of all aspects of BioLum's product and business development.

Dr. Alexander Lippert - CSO

Alex is a PhD chemist with 13 years expertise in synthetic chemistry and the development of optical techniques for imaging biological analytes in living cells, animals, and clinical samples. He has filed five patents, published 19 papers, and serves as PI on grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health and various private organizations. Alex's scientific knowledge and mindset has been a strong driving force for BioLum's product development. 

Miguel Quimbar - CTO

Miguel has suffered with asthma throughout his life and still deals with the problems associated with it. He has taken the lead in optimization of the chemical formula, design of the 1st and 2nd generation devices, and validation of the first generation devices in preliminary clinical studies with healthy volunteers and asthma patients. He is the primary author on a recently published manuscript describing the development of the 1st generation device.


Jack Reynolds - CFO/COO

Jack suffered with exercise-induced asthma as an athlete and understands the need for a change in the way asthma is treated. He has a B.B.A in Finance and B.A. in Markets & Culture from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. His past experiences include working at a hedge fund, foreign currency brokerage, and other startup ventures of his own. He is in charge of business development, finance, negotiations with contractor firms, investors, customers and day-to-day operations.