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A Window Into The Lung

BioLum Sciences is the developer of the BioSense AMD (pending FDA clearance) and a current resident of Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s, JLABS@TMC (Texas Medical Center) in Houston, TX. The BioSense AMD is a point-of-care, low cost device that works with our proprietary biomarker technology to analyze airway inflammation in real time. Our technology will provide doctors with invaluable information to better treat individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD.  

Our Mission

As asthmatics, we understand how difficult it can be to deal with daily symptoms. For most asthmatics, the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of their condition is no small task. We understand that asthma and COPD can affect different people in different ways and we believe treatment should be tailored for each individual for the best clinical outcomes. We want to make it easy and convenient as possible for patients to manage their asthma.


Our Partners

Our mission has resonated with many individuals and organizations. As our company has expanded from Dallas into Houston, we've formed key collaborations that play important roles as we prepare for commercialization. Contact us if you would like to work together.