We have designed a revolutionary asthma management system that is at the forefront of the healthcare industry.  Patients will use our non-invasive and easy to use device to measure airway inflammation. Our app will make it easy for patients and doctors to keep track of an individual’s health throughout the year by displaying daily changes in airway inflammation in response to various triggers and medication. Our technology is extremely inexpensive compared to current asthma management products and allows for point-of-care measurement of airway inflammation without invasive procedures.


✓ Non-invasive

✓ Usable for all ages

✓ 30 second test

✓ Portable

✓ Low Cost

For most asthmatics, the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of their condition is no small task. We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for patients to keep track of their asthma.

From your mobile device, you can keep track of airway condition, track symptoms, measure the efficacy of medications, share daily measurements with your doctor, and even get alerts when one of your triggers may be present.

We want to provide patients with a peace of mind by giving them a tool to quickly check airway inflammation the second symptoms are felt.


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